many excuses

brand new me

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it's been a while, i'm not who i was beforeyou look surprised, your words don't burn me anymorebeen meaning to tell you, but i guess it's clear to seedon't be mad, it's just the brand new kind of mecan't be bad,i found a brand new kind of freecareful with your ego, he's the one that we should blamehad to grab my heart backgod knows something had to changei thought that you'd be happyi found the one thing i need, why you madit's just the brand new kind of meoh, it took a long long time to get hereit took a brave, brave to tryit took one too many excuses, one too many liesdon't be surprised, don't be surprisedif i talk a little louderif i speak up when you're wrongif i walk a little talleri'd be known to you too longif you noticed that i'm differentdon't take it personallydon't be mad, it's ...

what we can't buy with money

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hello dear readers.. (idc if there is only a few of my cl mates who would read these, that means a lot) well, today my english teacher got me thinking about these... she asked us about money! does money can buy everything? or what's the most important thing in life? and then, here is my opinion... ive heard a lot that people who doesnt have much money used to make excuses like " money cant buy everything, money cant buy happiness" i'm not sure if that's true.. because it can.. money can buy what makes you happy! i read once "you can buy a black matte ferrari with money, which is happiness!" lol i know you gonna be like "is that what you see in happiness?" i mean a big house or a flight to ibiza or the other great countries or islands cant make you happy? for example if you love ballet, wit...

digital humanities: yes or no??

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a few weeks ago, i was trying really hard to find a book that i wanted to read and after searching the entire city i gave up and decided to the pdf version (which shouldn’t be illegal since as you see sometimes we just don’t have a choice). anyway, i ed it and started to read it and although i knew i loved the book, i just couldn’t understand anything because i was either bored or not concentrated at all. even at times i started to fall asleep. i mean it wasn’t the first time i was reading something through the screen but most of the time they were some short material that i had to read in a short period of time. then i printed the book in a booklet form, took it out to get it in a shape of a book and e back home isfied. my younger brother was just bewildered with this kinda weird ...